Pontoon Party on Siesta Key

People have the same initial reaction when they hear the word min-van or pontoon boats. However I can guarantee that you will love your experience on our Siesta Key Pontoon boats.

Pontoon boats because of their size and large decks are vessels made for groups and those who like comfort.  We have several amazing guides in Sarasota that can tailor your day on the water.  If you want to have a family fun day, adults only, bachelorette party or any type of special occasion we have the best guides and boat for you. 

Siesta Key Pontoon Trip Details

 3-Hour Boat-Ride is designed to include everything from sight seeing, sand bar hoping  to planning your desired stops this is the best way to see Siesta Key.  Make sure you stop by a Tiki Bar on your boat cruise.  We don’t ever have a set plan, but will make the most of every boat-ride!

Highlights and Things you can do:  Sandbar-Trips are the most popular while the water is warm enough for swimming, but equally as nice without swimming. Try Stand-Up Paddleboarding or sit on the provided beach chairs. Toys: sand toys and squirt guns for the kids.  Bring your dog and play frisbee in paradise.  Have your favorite music playing from the boats incredible stereo and sip on a cocktail. 

Anchoring in a picturesque cove is a great way to relax and enjoy your company on board. It’s an awesome spot to have lunch, a cocktail, or three, and enjoy the serenity of being away from everyone and everything. Stand-Up Paddleboards can still be used and easily be boarded from the boat. We have two fishing poles with Penn reels if you’d like to cast a few lines while the others on board can relax and chat. We are not a fishing charter and anything caught needs to be released but it’s still nice to fish for fun.

Meet your fun Guides John and Ali