Shopping for the Perfect Piece: Do You Buy it Now or Wait it Out?

Shopping for the Perfect Piece: Do You Buy it Now or Wait it Out?

When you need or want something for your home perhaps a piece of art what's your usual M.O.? Set aside a weekend to shop and find the best solution right now? Or wait it out long-term and invest in the perfect piece? I'm definitely a waiter. And this time, it paid off.

I finally found the perfect piece of art for my house. I have been looking for years for a piece that really spoke to me. I wasn't just looking to take up space on the wall. I wanted something that would add character to the house and have a story behind the photo. 

I recently went to an art show in downtown Sarasota. There is nothing better then being around creative minds and passionate individuals.  As I walked through the art fair I was drawn by the work of Kyle Wilson Left Behind .  His photos have a mission, it is to capture the beauty in everyday objects, the beauty of rarely viewed scenes and present them in a unique way.  There is something said to no staging and capturing the raw beauty.  

My husband and I bought the photo with the name "I will Crab until My heart Stops" I ended up purchasing from Kyle online as another admirer purchased the piece that I wanted at the show.  We decided on 24x36 photo printed on aluminum. No need for a frame as it has a built in hanging device on the back.  The photo has a great story..... Kyle shot the photo with his dad, in Crisfiled MD a big fishing, crabbing and seafood town. His dad shortly retired after the photo was taken. The photo won 3rd place at the NC State Fair this past fall.

I would highly recommend checking out Kyle's work: 

The below picture is the one we ordered