Kayak Fishing combined with Eco-Tour around Siesta Key

Sarasota Kayak Fishing

You have come to the right place if you love nature and sunshine.  Sarasota and her islands are truly magical.  Siesta Key Beach does attract thousands of visitors each year but I feel the true beauty of Sarasota is found on the water. If you're in downtown Sarasota you will see the beautiful view of Sarasota Bay and when you head over the north bridge to Siesta Key the Gulf of Mexico is welcoming you in for a dip. 

When I vacation I google or yelp things to do or experiences in the area.  As a native to Siesta Key I would love to guide your travel plans to include some of the best things to do in Sarasota. You might be overwhelmed with the amount of guides and vendors you can choose from, lets help you and it's free.  Most of us are on a budget with this said I promise you will get more pleasure out of one of our adventures then you would at a fancy meal. 

Let's Make a Memory in Siesta Key... Kayak Fishing Eco-Tour Adventure

Imagine sitting atop your kayak in the warm Gulf air, soaking in the natural beauty of the Gulf of Mexico at sunset, only hearing the sound of the soft zing of your line being casted far out into the water around you.  Breathing in the fresh salty air and experiencing the opportunity to catch some of Sarasota’s finest fish simply cannot be beat.  Pelicans will watch from afar, hoping for a taste of whatever aquatic creature you are bound to catch.  And what a thrill it would be if you were to hook a shark and zoom through the waters as he pulled you in your kayak!

Experienced Kayak Fishermen: You could be fishing alongside some of the best Kayak guides many of whom are sponsored and hold titles. 

Kayak Fishing & Eco Tour: You want to be on the water maneuver through the mangroves seeing wildlife and casting a line. Perhaps wine at Sunset as the backdrop will be stunning... 

Fishing out of a kayak in Sarasota is a very popular pastime, as you can target the desired species and easily navigate through shallow waters at your own chosen pace. If you want a challenge, give fly fishing a try!




 Our goal is to keep Sarasota thriving through SRQ experiences and knowledgeable storytelling, with only the best guides and services in town-Megan Wallin