Night Shark Fishing

Did you know that the original great white shark, the largest predatory fish on earth, caught in the hit movie Jaws, was actually caught right here in Sarasota Fisherman Brian Martel. The Tiger shark was stored at Walt’s Fish Market until “Hollywood” picked up the shark.  Well, it was one of the sharks, and YOU could be the next one to reel in a big one, maybe a lemon shark or bull shark.  You’re probably used to viewing nature’s sharks from a safe, secure distance, with a sturdy glass casing between you, but have you ever seen one so close in person that you could actually touch the scaly skin of the sea’s most ferocious inhibitor (if you dared)? Now you can!   Be prepared to get messy...shark fishing takes time and strength, and it’s not an easy catch, but it sure is thrilling.  Always taking place at night, nightime is the best time to catch a shark on the prowl.  It’s a constant game of yo-yo...catch the shark, reel it in, let it swim back out, reel it back in, again and again, until the shark tires.  I hope you have been doing your push-ups!  This adrenaline-packed adventure requires stamina and strength.  Have your camera ready, because once you reel this bad boy in, you only have seconds to snap a pic of this magical beast before releasing it back into the wild.  Come ready to have a good time: our shark-fishing option offers a “reel” party setting: music of your choice, chairs for viewing and for sitting when you get tired of reeling in that monster of a shark, and snacks to provide you with much-needed energy for shark fishing!

Not Much Time? Just Call Us.



  • Sarasota
  • Siesta Key


  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Water


Approximately $200
2 Shark Fisherman

3 - 4 hours  depending on time traveling to various locations


Consider hiring a photographer to capture your fishing day on the water, for your hands will be too full for a selfie, and this is a once in a lifetime chance!  Our friendly photographers love capturing your precious moments on camera, and what better way to remember your Sarasota vacation than with a photo of you next to that giant shark you just reeled in!
Range: $60 - $300