Fishing Village 70s

      Siesta Key Tourism Concierge is excited to welcome you to our majestic and historical town of Sarasota. If you’re a resident or seasonal guest, it’s reassuring to know you live in paradise. The island of Siesta Key is a global destination due it’s tropical climate and beautiful white sandy beaches. Sarasota is well established for it’s entertainment and performing arts industry. When booking your vacation, we understand that you want your accommodations to be both perfect and affordable. It is our goal to make your vacation the best it can be. Siesta Key Concierge is at your service to make sure your vacation is described as leisure time away from work, strictly devoted to rest or pleasure! Our goal is to have you feeling like a local before you leave our beautiful island. Now, if you are dreaming of a stress free vacation and simply do not have time to run your errands upon your arrival, then you've come to the right place. We are happy to take care of all your needs in the course of a day, a week, or even a month. No request is to too big or too small for us. We are proud to be fully staffed with a team of experienced hospitality professionals, travel gurus and event coordinators for all the seasons. As Sarasota natives, owners and concierges, we have tracked down the area's most reputable companies, restaurants, land and sea activities, and true local experiences. We hope you enjoy our favorite local picks as much as we do!

Our Story

As a child, my father would sit my brothers and I down and share with us the most wonderful stories about Sarasota.   Our personal story began way back when in 1918 when Claus Wallin left his farm life in Sweden and headed to America with the Ringling Brother Circus.  When he arrived to Sarasota, he fell in love with the picturesque fishing villages and the sugar white beaches.  I don’t think you could blame him. My goal, almost a century later, is to preserve the local character and prosperity of Sarasota.  If you happen to talk to long time Sarasota residents, you are sure to hear them say that Sarasota was once a small, enchanted town that is slipping away.  As with time, structural elements of cities change, but two of Sarasota’s most powerful resources remain solid: the native people and our whimsical history. My goal is to keep Sarasota thriving through SRQ experiences and knowledgeable storytelling, with only the best guides and services in town. 

Thank you for visiting Sarasota, Megan & Tracy


Meet Megan

Megan Wallin Brockway is a Sarasota native who has spent the last ten years traveling around the world playing professional beach volleyball.  She has a love for the ocean, sandy white beaches, sunshine, and her beloved hometown of Sarasota.  Throughout all of her extensive travels, she still finds Siesta Key to be the most beautiful place in the world.

Megan believes that the most sought out pleasure in life is relaxation mixed in with some first class pampering. A true local to Siesta Key, Megan has happily returned home to share with you her local connections as well as some of the best kept secrets on the island. Megan is married to Matt Brockway a partner of the law firm of Icard Merrill in Sarasota, Florida.  Matt focuses his practice in the areas of land use, real estate, and intellectual property law.

Meet Tracy

Tracy is originally an upstate New York girl who fell in love with the beaches and sun of Sarasota, Florida.  She has travelled the world, pursuing one of her many passions and talents of photography, and some of her favorite photos are of right here in Florida.  A former teacher, dance instructor and lacrosse and volleyball coach, Tracy loves working with people, sharing her secrets and knowledge of this beautiful area, and helping visitors have their best vacation yet by assisting them with her charming and easy-going personality, attention to detail, and trust-worthy and sassy, old soul.  Ask her about her incredible rentals in The Finger Lakes are of upstate New York as well as the Old Forge area of The Adirondack Mountains.  


  • Private Home Management Services Include:

    • 24-hour assistance for the property or personal needs of the client

    • Primary point of contact for alarm and mechanical systems

    • Construction/remodel project management

    • Housekeeping

    • Mail collection and delivery

    • Shipping and receiving of personal items

    • Implementation of preventative maintenance programs

    • Immediate response to any and all issues

    • Full-time employed staff ranging from skilled professionals to laborers

    • Lawn and grounds maintenance

    • The experience and knowledge to detect and remedy warning signs before problems arise

    • Assurance that work is performed in a professional, timely and cost-efficient manner

    • Meet with contractors

    • Weekly walkthrough of private home

    • Provide check lists of duties performed

    • Concierge services

    • Grocery Delivery