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      Siesta Key Tourism Concierge is excited to welcome you to our majestic and historical town of Sarasota. If you’re a resident or seasonal guest, it’s reassuring to know you live in paradise. The island of Siesta Key is a global destination due it’s tropical climate and beautiful white sandy beaches. Sarasota is well established for it’s entertainment and performing arts industry. When booking your vacation, we understand that you want your accommodations to be both perfect and affordable. It is our goal to make your vacation the best it can be. Siesta Key Concierge is at your service to make sure your vacation is described as leisure time away from work, strictly devoted to rest or pleasure! Our goal is to have you feeling like a local before you leave our beautiful island. Now, if you are dreaming of a stress free vacation and simply do not have time to run your errands upon your arrival, then you've come to the right place. We are happy to take care of all your needs in the course of a day, a week, or even a month. No request is to too big or too small for us. We are proud to be fully staffed with a team of experienced hospitality professionals, travel gurus and event coordinators for all the seasons. As Sarasota natives, owners and concierges, we have tracked down the area's most reputable companies, restaurants, land and sea activities, and true local experiences. We hope you enjoy our favorite local picks as much as we do!

Our Story

As a child, my father would sit my brothers and I down and share with us the most wonderful stories about Sarasota.   Our personal story began way back when in 1918 when Claus Wallin left his farm life in Sweden and headed to America with the Ringling Brother Circus.  When he arrived to Sarasota, he fell in love with the picturesque fishing villages and the sugar white beaches.  I don’t think you could blame him. My goal, almost a century later, is to preserve the local character and prosperity of Sarasota.  If you happen to talk to long time Sarasota residents, you are sure to hear them say that Sarasota was once a small, enchanted town that is slipping away.  As with time, structural elements of cities change, but two of Sarasota’s most powerful resources remain solid: the native people and our whimsical history. My goal is to keep Sarasota thriving through SRQ experiences and knowledgeable storytelling, with only the best guides and services in town. 

Thank you for visiting Sarasota, Megan

Meet Megan

Megan Wallin Brockway is a Sarasota native who has spent the last ten years traveling around the world playing professional beach volleyball.  She has a love for the ocean, sandy white beaches, sunshine, and her beloved hometown of Sarasota.  Throughout all of her extensive travels, she still finds Siesta Key to be the most beautiful place in the world.

Megan believes that the most sought out pleasure in life is relaxation mixed in with some first class pampering. A true local to Siesta Key, Megan has happily returned home to share with you her local connections as well as some of the best kept secrets on the island. Megan is married to Matt Brockway a partner of the law firm of Icard Merrill in Sarasota, Florida.  Matt focuses his practice in the areas of land use, real estate, and intellectual property law. 


Q & A

Tell us a little about Siesta Key Tourism Concierge

Our main goal is to provide unforgettable experiences and memories that will last you a lifetime. Years from now, we are certain that you will find yourself laughing and smiling as you fondly reflect back on that unforgettable vacation you took to Sarasota, Florida.  There is nothing better than sitting around the dinner table, five years from now, family by your side, reminiscing on a wonderful past vacation.

What to expect from Siesta Key Tourism Concierge?

Siesta Concierge can handle all aspects of your vacation. We can even design an itinerary specifically tailored for you. We take charge of making your Sarasota lodging arrangements, airport pick up, restaurant reservations, fishing charters, grocery delivery, local adventures, in-home beauty services and much more. More importantly, we have strong relationships with Sarasota vacation rentals and local seasoned vendors who are eager to work with you. These partnerships allow us the reassurance to negotiate the most competitive rates available, and we pass the savings onto you.  In summary, we can do almost anything to make your travel experience as enjoyable and stress free as possible.

Let's Get Started: We will start simply with an obligation-free consultation. We will listen to you and help determine your wishes and desires in creating a relaxing vacation. Our services are complimentary in connecting you with the best vendor.

Scenario: The Walton family is traveling from Ohio to visit Sarasota. They are traveling with their two teenage kids. The parents are interested in staying near the beach, not cooking, but still enjoying good food and catching the sunset every night. Their son is a soccer player and really wants to catch a big fish. Their daughter plays volleyball and really wants to try paddle boarding.

What we do: We create a custom service itinerary listing several options for all activities we think the family would be interested in. This quote will list prices and availability of activities. You decide if you want to book the activities or not.

Example: Perfect Siesta Key Vacation

  • A beach cottage within walking distance of the beach
  • Favorite groceries and supplies waiting for you in your room
  • Bike rentals for the entire week waiting at cottage
  • Private lesson with a soccer coach/pro player
  • Fishing charter for dad and son
  • Paddleboard and in-home nails/massage for daughter and mom
  • Sunset drinks for mom and dad and beach volleyball with a pro at sunset
  • In-home catered meal, local seafood
  • This quote would also include prices and availability. The above is a small list of options. We strive to bring you luxury at a very affordable price without the hassle of planning it yourself.

What is the charge?

We will start with an obligation-free consultation. We will listen to you and help determine your wishes and desires in creating a relaxing vacation. Our services are complimentary in connecting you with the best vendor. We do charge a $10 credit card processing fee for anything over $100.

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Do you offer traditional concierge services? Yes, we want to care of all the little things you can't or don't want to do, leaving you more quality time for family, friends, profession and relaxation.

What are the rates?
Having your own personal assistant is surprisingly affordable. We charge $20/hr flat fee for personal/general errands with a minimum of 1 hour billed. Billed in 15 minute increments after the 1st hour at a rate of $5.*We can combine multiple errands into what we can do hourly. Charging by the hour, instead of by the task, provides more value to our clients. Depending on the request, we can typically accomplish multiple errands or tasks within a one-hour time frame!

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